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About Google XML Sitemap Generator

Xml Sitemap Generator was set up to allow webmasters to easily generate sitemaps for their website without the need to hand craft them, install software or write complicated scripts.

We are an independant organisation and not affiliated with any search engine or directory.

The free XML sitemap generator service allows you to quickly and easily create a basic sitemap for your website which you can then upload and register with the search engines.

We then introduced a free RSS / sitemap ping service to allow you to notify search engines and blog directories of your sitemaps existance and any updates

More recently we introduced the ability to save sitemap settings to make it easier recreate sitemaps.

Find out more about XML and RSS sitemaps.

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We provide our services for free and operate on the goodwill of our community, but it has become increasingly difficult maintain and fund. We kindly ask that if the service was useful and saved you some time that you make a small contribution.

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