Blog posts from 2013

📌 How to publish your xml sitemap

Wednesday 14 August 2013

How to publish your xml sitemap Once you have created your xml sitemap you will need to publish it to make search engines aware of its existence. This article provides an overview of how to publish your sitemap once you have created it. There are a number of ways to do this but the quickest and easiest is to upload your sitemap to your website and set the robots.txt file.

📌 What are RSS Sitemaps?

Wednesday 1 May 2013

What are RSS Sitemaps? RSS feeds are typically about informing search engines, directories and your users about new and updated content although they can also be used to detail all the pages in your website. The good thing about RSS feeds is that you can list all your new and updated webpages and submit them to the search engines and directories to improve the inclusion of new content. RSS feeds are essentialy XML data about the pages or information in your website e.

📌 Support for RSS Sitemaps

Monday 29 April 2013

Support for RSS Sitemaps You can now view and down load your XML Sitemaps in RSS format.

📌 Index all file extensions by default

Friday 26 April 2013

Index all file extensions by default To make your life a little easier you can now index all file extensions by default.

📌 New Advanced sitemap generator

Saturday 23 March 2013

New Advanced sitemap generator We are now piloting our new advanced xml sitemap generator! Key features include : Manage multiple websites each with their own configuration. Spider 1000’s of urls Support for Xml and RSS sitemaps Easily search and edit your sitemap mata data Advanced filtering rules Batch search and edit functions Broken link error report Batch editing of url and image entries Hosted sitemaps

📌 The future of online sitemap generators....

Monday 4 February 2013

The future of online sitemap generators…. A sneak peek at an advanced sitemap generator we are working on ….

📌 online fixes applied

Monday 21 January 2013

Some fixes applied Fix : Indexing websites with port number. Our spider was not able to manage port numbers and this should now be fixed. e.g. Fix : Some issues with indexing framesets and image maps. We refined the way we process framesets and image maps as some html formats/ordering were not working for users.

📌 Sitemap file limit increased and support for frames added.

Thursday 10 January 2013

Sitemap file limit increased and support for frames added. New : File limit increased from 100 to 250 (as a trial). Quite a number of users were hitting the 100 file limit and our performance data suggetsed we had capacity to increase this so we have and will keep an eye on the situation to ensure it stays efficient. New : Index iFrames and Frameset option. We have added support for following urls embedded in iFrames and Framesets.

Sitemap email notification feature

Saturday 5 January 2013

Sitemap email notification feature New : Email alert facility to let you know when your sitemap is ready. Instead of sitting there waiting for your sitemap you can now enter your email address so that when your sitemap is ready, we will send you an email to let you know! Fix : Error locating sitemap when spidering from a non root location. Some users were using urls that were not the root of the domain e.

📌 Spider image-maps and more .....

Tuesday 1 January 2013

Spider image-maps and more ….. New : Spider will now follow image-maps. Our spider will now pick out urls from any image maps you create using standard HTML. New : We’ve added a user-agent string (“XmlSitemapGenerator -”). You can now see our spider activity more clearly in your server logs by looking for the user-agent string that our spider uses. This makes it easier to filter out the activity when doing stats.