Filter and save your sitemap

In this latest release we’ve added features to make it easier for you to filter out urls and images you want to exclude from your sitemap using pattern based matching as well as the ability to save your sitemap settings.


When using “more settings” option you can enter patterns of URLs to exclude for files and images.

Use can use simple filter strings as illustrated below, or more complex regular expressions.

  • /images/Temp/*
  • /TempFiles/*


Saving sitemap settings

Another handy feature we have added is the ability to save your sitemap settings. If you’ve spent a lot of time and effort setting up the more advanced sitemap settings you don’t want to have to re-enter them every time you update your sitemap.


You’ll then be asked to login or create an account. Your sitemap settings will be saved to your account so you can edit and re-run them again when you update your website.You can add multiple sitemaps to your account to enable you to manage them all in one place.


You can then edit and re-run your XML Sitemaps when you update your website.

Give it a try and generate a Google XML Sitemap.