Current performance issues

The last few months have seen a 40% rise in traffic and subsequent sitemap generation requests. This is great, but it also means that the service is heavily loaded and performing more slowly at peak times.

We’re currently looking at potential improvements that can be made to the application and hardware upgrades, and will hopefully have more news soon.

As I’m sure you’ll appreciate providing a service like this can’t be paid for by our passion alone. In the more immediate term we will be adding a donate button to the website.

We hope this will raise some funding to help purchase the performance tools and hardware needed to improve the service. If everyone who used the service paid just £1 ($1.65 or €1.25 ) it would help keep the show on the road. We don’t expect everyone will contribute as it is a free service, but if you find it useful and are able to contribute every little helps.

In the mean time please accept our apologies for any delays and and please bear please bear with us.

Update - 6th September 2014

We’ve made some minor hardware upgrades so we have a few more CPU cores to play with. This should help ease some of the congestion in the short term while we work on other improvements.