User feedback and reviews

Your feedback positive and negative is really helpful and it’s what helps keep us focused and improve the service. We thought we would share some of our favorite user comments :

“It is easy to use no hassle unlike other online generator, it exactly direct to the point. No tedious forms to register” -

“I tried a couple of other sitemap generators but they were both rejected by Google. Yours was accepted. Thank you for your service.”

“Good and complete sitemap. It is a plus for the images in it!!” -

“Really excellent. You identified bad links I was not aware of, and that is very helpful. Originally the Coffee Cup program I used for sitemaps generated XML, but now it’s only HTML. I will be using you for more of our websites. Thanks for this service.”  -

“Very helpful tool for quickly getting a sitemap up. Thanks! Multiple formats appreciated.” -
“Wonderful blog site. Very rich in contents. A wide range of topics are covered. Wish to see more articles from them.” -

“Nice en clean, works perfectly with google webmaster tools” -

“This one works . Very Nice a site map generator online that actually works !! I love it !!!!” -

“Quick, thorough and reliable. I have used this service for years and have it bookmarked on all my computers.” -

“ is easy to use - it helps you learn what sitemaps are, what options are allowed, and also generates other useful (and educational as well). Clean pages, not too Busy (I hate BUSY pages that are hard to get through).” -

“Excellent service, I’m using this service on a regular basis.   I definitely would recommend to anyone!  Good job Guys/Gals for the good work. :)” -

We plan to make all our ratings and feedback available online shortly.