How we use your email address

We occasionally get questions about how we use your email address. We do already spell this out in our EULA (End User Licence Agreement), however as with a lot of similar documents people don’t always read them and blindly click accept.

We thought we would write a brief article to highlight this particular area.

Most users will only receive 2 or maybe 3 emails over a number of days as they go through the process of creating a sitemap, downloading it and then finally reviewing our service.

If you go through the process quickly or submit a number of sitemap requests you may find a number of emails arrive in fairly close proximity.

What our EULA says:

_We do not disclose your email address to 3rd parties.
You will receive a number of emails to guide you through the process.
You should not receive any further emails once the standard process is complete.
These include (but not necessarily limited to) :

ย ย ย  Sitemap generation complete.
ย ย ย  Reminder if you did not download.
ย ย ย  Rating reminder.

Most users will only receive a selection of these based on how they interact with the service.
You will receive these emails for each sitemap you generate.
We may email you about important news or updates regarding the service._

Reason 1

The main reason we ask for your email is because sitemaps get queued and at busy times can take a reasonable amount of time to be created. If you navigate away from our website it is likely to be very difficult to get back and download your sitemap.

So when the process is complete we send you a brief email to explain how to download your sitemap.


If you haven’t downloaded your sitemap after a few days we’ll usually send you a very similar reminder.

Reason 2

Obtaining feedback and engaging new people is key to keeping the service going and free.

Inventively when people are busy publishing their new sitemap they don’t always do this and forget. A few days later we send a gentle reminder to ask you if you would mind feeding back and sharing.

We appreciate that to some people this is a bit of a nag, but we don’t think it is too much to ask in return for a free service.

People don’t always appreciate how important this is to keeping the service up and running. If you share a link, blog and tweet about us to engage more people this directly helps keep the service going and importantly keeps it free.

Contacting you

It’s pretty rare we will email you directly for any other reason, in fact at the time of writing this blog we haven’t done this in the lastย  12 months. We sometimes do it when we trial a new service and want to encourage feedback.

The vast majority of all our announcements are by our Twitter and Facebook page as it is easy for users to opt in and out, so we would encourage you to follow and like us to stay up to date.

In summary

In the process of using our sitemap generator we send you a small number of emails to walk you through the process over a number of days.

If you go through the process quickly or submit a number of sitemap requests you may find a number of emails arrive in fairly close proximity.

After you have gone through the process you wont receive any more emails, but we really do appreciate it if you can help us reach more users through Facebook, Twitter and other social media.