A few new updates and fixes

We’ve recently been making some improvements to our online service to fix a number of issues and improve performance. We’re also working hard to add additional resilience and fault handling to reduce the impact of problems that sometimes occur.

Online sitemap generator

As well as recovering the service, we also had some updates in the pipeline that we have made available as part of this re-launch :

UPDATED : Email reminder service to send emails more intelligently.

  • When download complete.
  • If user hasn’t downloaded a reminder after a few days before we delete it.
  • To ask for rating if downloaded.

FIX : Sitemap still deletes even if cancel clicked.
FIX : Modified and Images dropdown not loading correctly.

General sitemap / spider changes

General spider changes apply to both the online sitemap generator and g-mapper. An updated version of G-Mapper can be downloaded here.

NEW : xsi:schemaLocation and xmlns:xsi schemas added to the XML sitemap file

FIX : Various code / performance enhancements

  • Improvements to how our spider makes web request.
  • Improved performance / resource utilisation by replacing Smart Thread Pool (STP) with Microsoft Task Parallel Library (TPL)
  • Updates to image processing code / removal of legacy processing rules.

FIX : Images not indexing
FIX : Case of sitemap.htm file
FIX : Error report HTML tag.