User feedback and reviews

From time to time we like to share some of our favourite feedback and comments from our usser community. Here are a few from 2016 so far :

“Super helpful. Absolute must for anyone with SEO in mind.”
“Trouble free, and exactly what I needed. Thank You.”
“A really useful facility for any small business. Effective and easy to use.”
“Effective, and easy to use.”
“I found it site xml generator very easy to use and the whole process was quick and accurate and being able to do several different sites at a time was excellent help, and to be able to have all the format options was a brilliant. “
“Super easy and most effective sitemap generator. “
“Really easy to use. Great product.”
“Fast , reliable service, I suggest it to others”

“This service is amazing and quick. Provides everything you need and very helpful to be able to copy and paste the html sitemap into a page for your site and bam its done- quick and easy." 
“Great for a quick sitemap with various file options.”
“Thanks xml site map generator. You definitely saved my time in creating site map.”
“Received the site maps that are valid in a timely fashion.  The tool was very easy to use.”
“In the first few days , I realised that google found me en ranked me very well ! Thanks”
“Thank you for a great sitemap generator. I was looking for one that included images; it is also very easy to use!”
Of course if you have had a problem do get in touch, we’re always keen to hear feedback good or bad and improve our service.

Thanks for your continued support. Your comments, tweets and donations are what keep the project alive. Please keep them coming!