Wanted - tallented bloggers and copywriters

We’re currently using Fiver to recruit talented bloggers and copywriters to help spread the word about XML sitemaps and promote our service, but this isn’t cost effective longer term with our very limited funds, so we’re looking to our great user community to help out.

We’re primarily interested in English bloggers, but if you are able to take our English content and produce high quality copy in Mandarin, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic or Portuguese we’d also be interested to hear from you and put you on our contact list.

We’d also like to hear from people who have made or are interested in making help and support videos and blog posts as well as testimonials.

Of course even if you can’t help out by writing copy we’d love your support whether it’s a tweet or a share or a donation.

So don’t delay if you’re a blogger and can write high quality guest posts or you can write high quality copy that we can use then ย pleaseย get in touchย and let us know how you can help.