Blog posts from 2020

📌 Key sitemap generator changes

Saturday 9 May 2020

Key sitemap generator changes We’ve been making a number of changes to our online sitemap generator. Some of these will filter down to G-Mapper over the coming weeks. It’s important to understand these recent changes as they impact how we spider your website. Hosting updates We recently completed a migration to new hosting within Microsoft Azure to simplify management and deployment of services. We hope that this will reduce down time and deployment errors as well as allow us to scale more easily.

📌 Become a contributor and get extra benefits

Tuesday 28 April 2020

Become a contributor and get extra benefits We provide all our sitemap services for free and for the love of it, but running this service on advertising revenue and donations is difficult as they are unpredictable and in recent times they have not covered our costs. In May 2018 new European Union Data Protection regulation had a significant impact and with recent world events we now find ourselves under significant financial pressure.

📌 Upcoming service changes

Wednesday 8 April 2020

Upcoming service changes Over the last few months we have bee looking at the sustainability of our various sitemap solutions. Since the introduction of new EU Data Protection legislation in 2018 our ability to generate revenue through advertising has become limited.With dwindling advertising revenue from current streams and limited donations we are increasingly finding ourselves reaching in to our own pockets to fund the service. We have been looking at options to allow the continued running and maintenance of the services as well as ways to invest in a number of key areas such as infrastructure, developer tooling, support materials as well as new services.

📌 What has been happening?

Thursday 19 March 2020

What has been happening? First of all we’re sorry we’ve been quiet for a while. The service is very much run on a volunteer basis and some sometimes other priorities take over. We rely on the support of our community and advertising revenue which of late has decreased due to stricter rules on the use of personal data. We thank you for your continued support. What’s new? We’ve updates our WordPress plugin having tested it for the most recent version of wordpress as well as publish a new version 1.