Become a contributor and get extra benefits

We provide all our sitemap services for free and for the love of it, but running this service on advertising revenue and donations is difficult as they are unpredictable and in recent times they have not covered our costs.

In May 2018 new European Union Data Protection regulation had a significant impact and with recent world events we now find ourselves under significant financial pressure.

As a result we have brought forward plans to better manage our capacity and introduce our patron scheme which will allow people to contribute to the service and get extra benefits.

A basic free service will be maintained so that over 80% of our users will be able to continue with little or no impact while heavier users will be able to become a contributor.

Patron contributor tiers

Initially we will have 5 tiers of service which will suit the majority of our users. If you requireย  additional services, please contact us.

All our contributors will benefit from having

  • No google adverts,ย 
  • No captcha human check to simplify the user experience andย 

Each usage tier will allow for more pages, more websites and a greater number of spider sessions in a 28 day period as follows :
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  • Free - up to 250 pages for up to 1 website
  • Bronze - up to 500 pages for up to 1 website
  • Silver - up to 1000 pages for up to 5 websites
  • Gold - up to 2000 pages for up to 10 websites
  • Platinum - up to 5000 pages for up to 20 websites

Payments can be made using Paypal which includes card transactions.
We will continue to review these tiers over the coming months.

For more details about the tiers please visit our contributor page.

More about our costs

We hope that by introducing this new model we’ll be able to cover our basic costs include things like:

  • Domain names and SSL certificates.
  • Web server and database hosting
  • Bandwidth and storage costs
  • Development and testing tools
  • Software licences
  • Email services
  • Marketing

We need 1,000’s of supporters just to cover these, before we consider time and effort invested in the service, so we really appreciate any support.

Our aims

Of course we want to do more to improve the service and by becoming a contribute you can help.

  • Ensuring the existing service is financially sustainable.
  • Support upgrading our hosting infrastructure.
  • Adding resilience and redundancy.
  • Invest in development and updates to the service.

We hope that these changes will ensure the future of the service and thank you for your continued support.