Our Next Gen Free online XML Sitemap Generator with SEO tools

After a few months away busy working on our systems we’re pleased to announce our latest online sitemap generator and SEO tools .

We’ve spent some time updating our backend systems to improve performance and flexibility and so as part of this release which enables us to start offering more features and services as a result of spidering your website.

The link checker validates that any images and external links are valid and provides a report detailing any issues, while the SEO / HTML audit checks for common problems.

These can be used as part of the usual spidering process or run individually against a single page.


These featues can also be used indivdually to scan an individual page. See our SEO Tools page for more details. For more details on the HTML / SEO audit please see the HTML / SEO Audit Report page.

Other changes

As well as theΒ  above we have also made some updates to our spider engine to align with industry practices. Our spider will no longer act based on the “nofollow” rel attribute for internal pages. If you do not wish for a page to be included you should use a robots meta tag with the noindex property value and ensure that you have set the " Obey robots meta ta" option in your sitemap settings.

External link checking also ignores the nofollow attribute.

We have depricated the options for iframe, framesets, area tags and will now extact all links from a page and process based on the global rules. Please use regular expressions or other avaiable rules to filter your pages.


It’s been a while since we released a new version of G-Mapper, but with these online chnages we hope to propogate many of them to the next version of G-Mapper. This will be quite a significant piece of work and will take a number of weeks, so we will release a number of changes and updates over the coming months.


If you have any feedback on the new features or things you would like to see included in the new link checker and SEO audit tools then please get in touch to let us know. we can’t promise to respond to all requests however we do log them all and consider them for future features in our product.