Ways you can help support us

This project only keeps going with the contributions from our community and we are very greatful for for your support. We now have more ways in which you can help support the project below.

Contribute / donate


Wish list

We have a list of things we need for managing and running the service which you may wish to purchase to help us out.

When you buy from some companies we can get a small % comission when you use are links. A free and easy way to support us and with some you even get a small incentive / discount.

Join our community

Please get involved with our communitues to get the latest news and updates and interact with other users about our services, SEO and other related matters.

Social media

As well as our community, social media is a great way to stay in touch and you can help us out by following us online and giving is a shout out.

Coming soon ….

We’llย  be adding new ways to contribute over the coming months and we have some exicint ideas about crypto currencies too, so stay tuned.