New Online XML Sitemap Generator v2.0.1

While we have been quiet in 2023, we have been very busy preparing to relaunch and upgrading our services. You can find an overview of the changes we’ve made and upcoming in our previous blog.


Our biggest undertaking the last year has been re-platforming moving our full stack away from Microsoft.

We’ve seen some significant performance gains doing this, and have improved the code base to make it easier to share reuse and importantly add new features in the future.

With any major overhaul like this it’s likely there will be some gremlins in the system no matter how much testing we do so we ask that you work with us during this transition to stablise the new platform.

One thing we have been doing alongside these technical updates is improving our help materials, building them out to be more comprehensive with better explanations and addressing frequently asked questions. We’ll continue to add to and update support resources.

  • (New help section)[../../help/wordpress/quickstart]

The old online sitemap generator is being frozen and will be sunset in 2024. We’ll prioritize supporting existing customers moving over to the new platform and ensuring thy are receiving a stable service before shutting down the old service.

  • (Legacy application)[]
  • (New application)[]

Pricing changes

As part of the review of our services we have come up with a new simplified per site pricing model, and we have also moved to a new payment processing provider (Stripe). As part of this transition we’ll be adding support for Google and Apple Pay, while continuing to support Card and PayPal support.

Of course, there will still be a free version of the service suitable for smaller websites and basic sitemaps, and those who want more features or resources can pay the small annual fee. This helps us cover our operating costs.

Technology changes

We know that some of you are interested in how we do things so these are the top changes we’re in the process of making …

  • -> Javascript (TypeScript)
  • Microsoft SQL Server -> Mongo DB -.Net Forms/ MVC -> Sveltekit Framework
  • CSS -> Tailwind CSS framework

Having ported the services to a new code base, we’re also working on re-architecting key backend services which will simplify operations and use more agnostic hosting services.

What’s next

The immediate priority is to stabilize the new platform and get our existing customer migrated so we can sunset the old platform. Obviously we’ll be ensuring new customers have a smooth experience too.

Once the platform is stabilized we have a backlog of new features which will take our online sitemap generator to the next level. We’ll be blogging more about this over the coming months.

  • (Legacy application)[]
  • (New application)[]