Which is the best XML Sitemap Generator for you?

There are a range of sitemap generators available for your website and they come in a number of forms. Online spiders, tools to download and run on your PC as well as scripts to install on your server. Which sitemap generator is best for you will depend on your circumstances.

Some questions to think about when choosing your sitemap generator include:

  • What type of sitemap do you need to generate, for example HTML, XML, RSS, etc?
  • How many websites do you need to manage?
  • How often do you need to update your websites?
  • Does your website server have capabilities to run scripts or plugins?
  • How much control do you need over your sitemaps content?
  • Will updating and maintaining it manually be a significant amount of work?

Below is a quick summary of the sitemap generators that we offer.

Online sitemap generator

If you need a quick and easy sitemap our online sitemap generator is probably the best starting point for you. It is ideal if you don’t need to do much editing and have less than 2000 pages, but maybe you want to save some general settings so you can refresh it in the future. You can easily create an account to save your sitemap settings so managing multiple websites is easy.

Online XML Sitemap Generator

Our online sitemap generator is one of the best out there supporting many more pages and lots of advanced features including image sitemaps.

Wordpress sitemap generator plugin

If you have a WordPress website the WordPress Sitemap Generator Plugin is more than likely the best sitemap generator for you as it integrates directly in to Wordpress. It is easy to use integrating seamlessly in to the WordPress admin interface. You can set global defaults as well as edit your sitemap settings for posts, pages categories and tags.

Wordpress XML Sitemap plugin

Our Wordpress XML sitemap plugin gives you much more control and flexibility without adding complexity which makes it the best Wordpress plugin for those who are serious about SEO.

Sitemap generator download

Our XML Sitemap generator download is best when you want to edit your sitemap after you have generated it or need to spider larger websites over 2000 pages. The Sitemap generator allows you to run the sitemap spider from your local computer with no limits on the number of pages or websites. You can easily save your settings/edits which is great if you manage a lot of websites with complex sitemaps. sitemap generator download for windows

One of the best features of our sitemap generator download is that it is totally unlimited and yet remains free. Furthermore it gives you all the same advanced settings of our online sitemap generator and the ability to save and edit your sitemap manually making long term maintenance of complex sitemaps easier.

XML Sitemap Generator Download