Quick start guide (advanced version)

Before you get started with the advanced, we recommend you try the free version first to check compatibility with your website and ensure it meets your needs. You can quickly try the free version without a payment card or even registering.

Try for free Go advanced


To use the advanced versions you need to register for an account with your email address.

Basic sitemap settings

Select you plan

Once registered, you’ll be redirected to enter your website and select your plan. Your plan is tied to your website address so check it is correct.

If for some reason you are not redirected automatically, go to the sitemaps section of your account and click on Add sitemap.

Basic sitemap settings

Once you have done this click subscribe and follow the payment instructions. We use Strip to process payments and accept a variety of methods including cards, Paypal, Apple and Google.


Once payment is complete you’ll be able to see your newly created plan in the sitemaps section of your account.

Basic sitemap settings

Click on the cog icon to edit your sitemap settings.

You can leave these as the default to quickly create a sitemap or tailour them to your needs as required.

See our other more detailed support pages for help with understanding each of the settings.

Creating your sitemap

Back on the sitemaps page of your account you can intiate spidering using the spider button.

Basic sitemap settings

You’ll be redirected to a waiting screen which will periodically update to show the status.

Sitemap processing

  • Depending on the size and speed of your website this could take a minute or two.
  • Once complete you’ll be automatically redirected to the results page.

Results summary

To see more details you can click on the reports to get more insight in to the outputs from the spider including your sitemap. Sitemap results

Sitemap reports

Reports provide insight in to our spider process and the outputs which can be helpful for maintaining your sitemap / website and troubleshooting.

You find out more about on our reports help page.

Sitemap reports

Download sitemaps

You can download your sitemap files to your computer as a zip file.

You can learn more about the sitemap on our general what is a sitemap page.

Sitemap files

What next?

Once you have your sitemap files you’ll need to: