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Sitemap Generator Configuration

This article gives you an overview of how to configure a sitemap.

General Website Details

The sitemap name is any name you choose to give this sitemap configration. It has no baring on the sitemap itself. The website title and description are used in RSS sitemaps and feeds as these permit descriptions.

The important thing here is the website address as this is what the sitemap generator will use as the starting point to index your website. Don't forget to include the http://

Spider settings

In general you can leave the spider settings in their default setting unless you explicitly need to disable a specific feature.

For some websites you may want add other file extensions but we have included the common ones by default.

In some cases you may also want to disable query strings or add new exclusions to the list in particular if your website uses a session ID that is not in the list.

See our quick HTML guide for more details on each of the different url and link types.

Image settings

you can select to include images in your sitemap depending on whther or not they have an alt or title tag. You can also speficy the image types by their extension such as jpg and gif.

See our quick HTML guide for more details on HTML image attributes.

The optional image licence filed allows you to specify the default url for licence information.

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