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What is's unique Private Sharing™ app enables individuals to own and contol their data then share it with 3rd party apps and services they choose. Unlike other companies does not hold your data. enables services like XML Sitemap Generator to have more trasnparent
relationships with users when it comes the use of their data.

What is

For individuals gives you greater transparency and contol by allowing you to connect to data sources across your life and store them in a location you choose. You can then see and search your data as well as share it with an increasing number of apps and services, all with explicit and informed consent.

For businesses

For businesses such as XML Sitemap Generator provides a single SDK which enables us to securely give and get data from users to provide better services, while giving users greater transparancy and control. This improves data protection compliance and reduces governance overheads.

What is

Give and get personal data

Imagine being able to build an app and access all the data you need and not having to worry about how you get the data or where you store it. offers just this through a single SDK providing access to data sources including social media, banking, entertainment, medical records, wearables and devices as well as allowing apps and services to securely give data back to individuals.

XML Sitemap Generator uses to securely give you a copy of the personal data we hold about you including your account, associatiated websites, spider sessions and reviews

All with the explicit and informed consent of the user.

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